Areas of expertise

Spinnaker has been providing the following services to publishers, information and software providers, regulators and membership organisations in the UK and Europe for over 20 years. 

We usually work over the long-term with our clients and our continual engagement ensures we are up-to-date, building our impressive understanding of the market and engaging deeply with our clients’ organisations. Typically we work on a fixed-cost basis for each project although we are open to discuss any funding arrangement you prefer. 

Strategic marketing

We have a strong track record of analysing and understanding the market potential for growth. Spinnaker can deliver industry analysis, market analysis, competitive intelligence, market sizing and growth rates (by segment, geography or other lens), enabling you to clearly understand the opportunities as well as the challenges. We use tried and tested methodologies including the balanced scorecard and SWOT analysis, aiming to make the data understandable so you can seize the commercial benefit and react to emerging possibilities as quickly and as effectively as possible. 


We provide M&A support in identifying and researching potential targets and understanding where customer values, identifying synergies and informing valuations. We also support alliances and partnerships including researching and evaluating potential partners. Whether it’s a product development or a marketing strategy, or a go-to-market mission, Spinnaker is experienced in building a framework for decision making, informed by market evidence, to drive commercial benefit. 

Market research

We are immersed and well-connected in the UK legal market and excel in the delivery of qualitative, in-depth research whether face-to-face or via Zoom/telephone as well as conducting independent desk research. Learning from the data, from responses and behavioural insights and applying those insights to a commercial strategy is what we do. Spinnaker is also experienced in recruiting and moderating focus groups of legal professionals, running online quantitative surveys  and leading workshops. 

Project management and data analysis

As well as our finely-honed legal market research skills, Spinnaker can provide project management for research programmes to ensure your projects are delivered on time and on budget with minimal risk. 

We are experienced in analysing qualitative research findings including coding of transcripts and in analysing data to derive research insights and actions. Spinnaker has also delivered future-orientated research for legal clients to help with strategy and forecasting. 

Free 1 Hour Consultancy

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