Implementing the E of ESG: why in-house lawyers are instrumental

** Launch of new research **

Today we are launching the research findings from our work with Lawyers for Net Zero and LexisNexis UK. It’s time that legal teams are brave and lean in to taking action on climate change. It’s not a nice to have anymore – it’s business critical. We spoke with influential General Counsel and in-house counsel about the critical role legal teams play in helping their businesses navigate the journey to net zero and tackling environmental and climate change issues.

The full report discusses:
– The roles that legal teams can play in driving the environmental agenda
– What success looks like for General Counsel looking to drive ESG initiatives
– Tips and advice from over 10 influential GCs
– Challenges that GCs and their legal teams need to overcome
– Practical steps to getting started or taking your initiatives to the next level

A huge thank you to Adam Woodhall at Lawyers for Net Zero and Sarah Hallowell at LexisNexis UK for asking Spinnaker to conduct this research in this hugely important area.

Download the free report today!

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